I reach for you but you’re too far away

I can hear you calling but can’t hear what you say

A quick glimpse of you makes me run as fast as I can

With each step I see you moving further away

I fall to my knees tears streaming down my cheeks faster and stronger than any raging river

Trying to wish you into existence

I scream your name but there’s nothing but silence

The image of you is gone maybe it was never there

Frozen in place freezing tears still soaking my face

I’ll be waiting here until I feel your embrace



Is today finally the day? The day when it all becomes too much too much to hold onto, too much to carry. Do I have enough strength to forget or put it all away in the darkest piece of my mind. Am I done crying and apologizing? Taking all the blame for every little thing. I feel my heart sob all the little pieces are bouncing around colliding into one another. There’s a faint thump thump and I know it’s my broken heart silently screaming at me. Telling me to wake up and open my eyes. Begging me to step into reality. A thousand tears roll my down my cheeks I ask myself for forgiveness and here I stay frozen in life if only for just one last time.